About Michael

Hi, I’m Michael Stratton. I am the author of the eBook The Effective Project Manager (eBookIt). Welcome to my blog!


My Content

My mission is to help others grow in the project management profession. I want to pave an easier path for you based on my own experiences. I’ve had successes and failures and this is the place where I share my own unique story. My style is personable, passionate, and to the point. If you like long rants – – – you won’t find that here.

My journey is a quest for knowledge and wisdom and this is clearly a mission that is best achieved collaboratively! If you like a post, leave a comment!

More is not better. I’ll typically post an article when I’m feeling particularly moved about a subject.

My Biography

I’ve worked in business and IT consulting since 1999. I got my start working for Accenture where I worked in hi-tech, finance, and insurance. The common thread between these industries is the people I serve. People are similar no matter where in the world you work and I’m passionate about working with people and serving others.

Michael Stratton | Effective Project Management

Michael Stratton| Author, Program Manager

I provide project consulting and coaching services, mostly in the Colorado Front Range. Contact me for a free initial consultation.

My Family

I have been married to my wife, Joanna, for fifteen years. We have three sons and live just outside beautiful Denver, Colorado.

My Family

In my free time, I coach soccer and play all kinds of sports with my kids. I also enjoy reading, participating in the Denver arts scene, playing guitar, and cycling.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.